Dora R-III will again be participating in the VIP program as a means of early intervention for students struggling with functional vision issues.  Letters will be coming home Monday, August 23rd.  Screening will begin Tuesday, August 24th for those students receiving tutoring last year, as well as all 1st grade students.  This screening is NOT a measure of visual aptitude (20/20  or clearness of sight).  This screening IS a measure of the student's ability to track objects, rapid eye movement, and both eyes working together; to better understand visual information.  Please contact Ms. Kathy at or 417-261-2337 Ext. 1110 for questions or if you DO NOT want your child screened.  You may also return the letter with your signature if you DO NOT want your child screened.  Tutoring will begin on Monday, August 30th. Sessions will be for 30 minutes each and will take place during the school day at a time that will not disrupt regular instruction.